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    St. Peter's Cathedral Square, Vatican City, Rome - Globus


Have you been preparing your heart and your mind for a pilgrimage to a holy site? A pilgrimage is much more than a vacation. Special attention is necessary in considering the sacred sites, importance of the itinerary to the Christianity,  the leadership of good spiritual directors, the inclusion of holy masses and other preparations for you to experience your faith in a profound way.

There are pilgrimage programs coinciding with the liturgical year or with special devotions which are suitable for your parish, family, ministry and even your very own retreat. Visit holy sites in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Croatia (Medjugorje), Greece, Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Philippines, USA and soon South America. These pilgrimages offer a rich source of faith renewal for both Catholic and non-Catholic Christians.

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ~ St. Augustine

Consider these sample pilgrimage journeys

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Remember to ask about opportunities to combine your pilgrimage with our specially packaged holidays and luxury vacations.

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