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Corporate Travel

We know where travel fits into corporate strategy.

Corporate travel is a key element for any company aiming to perform at the highest level and reliable support is vital. At Flightworld over 30 years of experience and a diverse range of travel industry expertise is found in our senior management team, account managers and travel consultants.

A significant part of corporate strategy depends on the efficient deployment of your assets (principally human capital), where and when they are most needed to generate returns for your company. We enable companies to accomplish these objectives by providing efficient and safe corporate travel solutions.



Why Manage Travel Activities?

As the third largest controllable business expense, travel attracts the attention of companies’ decision-makers. Management of travel cost requires attend to two essential components: the arrangement of trips and the management of the travel category. Both impact financial performance and for this reason alone companies seek the assistance of a corporate travel provider who appreciates its importance and has the relevant capabilities..

Flightworld assists companies in accomplishing their financial objectives as well as in enhancing the productivity of their travel budgets.

Flightworld offers a compelling solution.

We demonstrate our claims through the excellent quality of travel assistance delivered by our experienced travel consultants. You receive reliable 24 X 7 service which is renowned for its prompt action all made available in an uncomplicated manner.

  • Cost advantage – We have a proactive attitude towards seeking financial savings for our clients. By combining competitive prices, efficient travel management processes and a focus on total trip cost, not sporadic savings, we can make a difference to improving your company’s bottom line.
  • Traveller Productivity – we appreciate the pressures associated with business travel and the impact travelling has on employees’ work-productivity levels. This drives us to find the optimal balance for travellers, between cost-of-trip and the travel experience.
  • Client Service – we believe that our clients deserve good and reliable service at all times, 24 X 7. This philosophy permeates all facets of our assistance; from pre-trip to on-trip and extending into post-trip processes such as accounting and reporting.

Working with confidence and from a position of strength

Flightworld is affiliated with global company American Express and is a long-standing member of Helloworld Business Travel, Australia’s Number One network of independent travel management companies. This means  that we work from a position of strength from which our clients gain many advantages in terms of competitive fares / prices as well as invaluable benefits that make business travel a more productive activity.

We have the capability to transform your corporate travel, turning it into an enabler of corporate mobility, a prerequisite of business expansion.

  • International and domestic air travel
  • Accommodation at hotels and serviced-apartments.
  • Ground transportation including car / limousine / 4WD hires.
  • Travel Insurance for single and multiple-trips.
  • Foreign exchange and cashless payment solutions.
  • Expense management and credit solutions.
  • Mobile communications solutions for substantial savings on voice / text / data.
  • Complimentary web-based facility to manage travel itineraries.
  • Emergency / after hours service to meet urgent travel requirements.
  • Flight guides and Travel Planning Tools to support the savvy business traveller.
  • Self-reservation / Online booking options with 24 X 7 access to book flights. accommodation and car-hire.
  • Travel policy development and compliance management.
  • Travel reporting and MI requirements.
  • Travel visa advice and applications.
  • Travel Risk Management to support OH & S policy.
  • Carbon footprint calculators and emission offsets to support Community and Environmental policy.
  • Special articles addressing issues impacting the cost/productivity of travel.


Expert travel services delivered professionally, conveniently and in an uncomplicated manner.